Motion Analysis Camera System

The lab is equipped with a 12-camera Raptor-H motion analysis system and 8 camera Osprey systems. These allow us to collect three-dimensional kinematic data for a variety of different movements. The software, Cortex, allows us to view the results in real-time as the various different tasks are being performed.

Force Platforms

The lab has two AMTI OR-6 force plates situated diagonally from each other and are used to collect force and moment data in 3D. The force plates are mounted in ground and are flush with the walking surface. The output from the force plates are integrated with the different software programs used in lab.

Delsys Trigno Wireless System

We have a wireless system for recording electromyography (EMG), ground contact times (foot switches), and acceleration. For more details, go here [link]

Woodway Pro-XL Treadmill

The Woodway Pro-XL Treadmill is used to collect locomotion data while having the ability to control the different walking speeds as well as different elevations. The wide surface of the treadmill allows for users to walk with a wide base of support and also allows for lateral movements if necessary.

Brower Timing System

The Brower Timing System is a wireless timing device used in the lab to measure speed and time during gait analysis.


The lab consists of multiple computers and have many different pre-loaded software that is used in the lab extensively.

MATLAB is a programming language and an interactive environment used for many different types of computation. Our lab uses MATLAB in many different applications most notably in numeric computation, data analysis,and signal processing.

Visual3D is a 3-D analysis software that is used for processing data collected the the motion capture system. Visual3D allows for model development using the marker set already established, and allows for report generation (graphs, tables, metrics) which allows for some preliminary data analysis.

Cortex is Motion Analysis' software for handling all phases of motion capture within a single program - initial setup, calibration, tracking in real time and post processing.