Quantifying Knee Loads in People with Lower Limb Amputation

Post date: Jun 6, 2014 5:30:49 PM

Funding: Postdoctoral Translational Scholars Program, MICHR

Current prosthetic devices are not capable of producing as much power as the human ankle. This prompts prosthesis users to adopt compensation strategies that may increase stress on other joints. Compensatory over-loading of the intact limb is believed to precipitate the development of osteoarthritis in the intact knee. However, estimates of knee contact forces in this population are scarce and have used models that do not account for individual adaptive neuromuscular strategies. The goals of this project is to use amputee muscle activity to develop an electromyography (EMG)-driven model of the knee to determine knee loading. We are recruiting participants with below-knee amputations!

If you are interested and eligible, please contact Kelsey White at klucinda@umich.edu